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Qu'est-ce que c'est?    Rebecca O'Rourke
I have an insatiable appetite for everything. I'll never stop.

All I ask is for the complete truth and one-hundred percent honesty up-front. No games. No playing. No hiding. Just truth.

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My anxiety is through the roof. I don’t wanna be this way anymore

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Tumblr, where u been

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Someone help me learn Cyrillic 

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Gonna make a bad decision that, hopefully, will not affect me long term. Here goes

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#Conscious bad decision-making  #I choose this  #Stop thinking I'm smart 

I hate these things I can’t control

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I don’t know why I do this to myself

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i think the cutest date would be sitting on my bedroom floor with stomachs sore from laughter, lungs left breathless, and lips warm with kisses

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Sometimes, I think people notice everything but they don’t say anything because it’s none of their business. What no one seems to realize is, it’s okay to say something anyways.

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It´s not okay to be cute if you´re being cute. so quit, man. 

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